Search and select goods

You can use three methods to search your product at Hafez Publications:


– Use the search bar tool (if you have already selected a model or brand)

At the top of the page, there is a search tool, and you can go directly to your product by typing the name or part of the name of that item in the search bar.

– Use the division of commodity groups

Under the Search bar tool, the product groups are grouped by the mouse cursor on each of them, the corresponding product categories are displayed in the product group.
Then by clicking on the merchandise categories, you will be taken to an advanced search page that you can restrict based on the manufacturer, type, or color of your search result.
In the next step, you can use the site’s advanced search tool and by choosing the features that matter more to you, along with limiting the price range of the product, you can choose your desired product.

– Search results

After selecting the desired product group, the search bar next to the group header can be used to search for the model or product name, for example: In a particular group, you can measure the model, brand, or feature.
Also, sections on the site include “Newest Items,” “Most Popular Items,” and “Best Sellers.” A review of products in these sections can help you choose. Help you find the item you are looking for.

Add product to cart

After choosing the item with the final decision to buy it, by clicking on the option added to the cart, you will be logged in to the shopping cart page. If you plan to buy more goods, add them to your cart to process and send them as an order. It should be noted that if the total amount of your ordering goods exceeds one hundred thousand tomans, then in Tehran it will be subject to the free delivery of Hafez publications.

Finish the purchase

After selecting the goods and adding them to the cart, you must complete and complete your order in 3 steps:
1) Entry to Hafez Publications, 2) Order Delivery Information and 3) Payment Information.
If you have added items to the cart without entering the site, you must log in to the “Login to Hafez Publishing” section by entering your username and password. If you have not already registered your account with Hafez Publications, you can easily register in your account and enter your email and profile first by registering your site and then registering your shopping cart. Then, in the next steps, your order will be recorded and ready to be processed.
If you have any questions or questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section.